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Elderly people in Phnom Penh have devised creative bottom-up strategies to cope with the pandemic. Hover around the images to explore.

Street View 1.png

There are not many religious activities happening during the pandemic

Local4Local allows us to get free food and other items easily on the street when we need them

Local4Local provides jobs and food for the community

I try to help my family through selling snacks

I am lucky to have my bicycle so I can sell fresh food on the streets during the pandemic

I use my cyclo to deliver goods during the pandemic

Non-profit start-ups like Local4Local provide jobs to the community, make fresh food more accessible, and help invigorate the endangered cyclo culture in Phnom Penh. Local4Local cyclo drivers are provided with free food and are paid USD 1.50 per hour which gives them a stable source of income during the pandemic. 


Street View 2.png

Selling food on the street helps me earn money when the markets are closed

I can't stay home while my family has no income

I am happy to do this mobile food pantry service as it provides me a stable source of income

I sell produce on the street to earn some money for my family

People can donate what they can, and take what they need from this mobile food pantry

Residents are avoiding crowded markets during the pandemic as they do not want to get infected. Some people consider it safer to purchase from street side vendors instead, who sell produce in open air. However, this can lead to contamination and sanitation issues if the food is left out in humid air for too long.


Street View 3.png

People are avoiding the market so they are happy to buy from me instead

I can't stay home while my family has no income

I am happy to run this mobile food pantry service

People come to donate or take food from this mobile food pantry

I deliver food on my motorbike through a mobile delivery service

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